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10 23 16SantiagoADid you know that the presence and power of God is within each being, within YOU? This presence is a direct connection with God on a spiritual, mental and physical level. When this connection is acknowledged and actualized, your life changes; your actions change, your thoughts change and even physical changes occur in your body.

UPHI is honored to welcome guest speaker Rev. James Santiago on Sunday, October 23rd at 12:00pm EST for a teaching titled "Reawaken Wonder: Rediscover the Power of God-in-You". Come experience this inspirational service in person at 4140 Broadway in NYC or streaming live online here as together we acknowledge the presence and power of God within us, sparking a Spiritual Reawakening and Rediscovering!

Rev. James Santiago grew up under the mentorship of Rev. Ike and remains dedicated to the principles of UPHI. He is a professor of Business Administration, Marketing Management and General Education in NYC.



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