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10 16 16PoppinsA

In light of the special event happening on Sunday, October 16th through our sister organization at the United Palace (UPCA), which includes a screening of Mary Poppins by Hamilton creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, UPHI invites you to a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Sunday Service featuring a message by Spiritual Director Xavier Eikerenkoetter on Mary Poppins: Agent of Change.

In this beloved film classic, Mary Poppins' arrival in the household precipitates significant positive change in the lives of a family mired in the mud of chauvinism; a meet message for our times. There are also undertones of women’s suffrage and empowerment, which is especially important to our current socio-political picture in America.

Together, we will explore with reawakened wonder, music, meditation, and fun how we can “have our own set of wings” with which to soar out of any current negative state into new freedom upon the winds of positive change.

So come join us in recreating the magical world of Mary Poppins and bringing that wonder to life this Sunday, October 16th, at 12:00noon EST at UPHI, located at 4140 Broadway in NYC or streaming live online here.



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