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On January 20th, cultural shapers will come together to invoke a citizen-wide gathering designed to unite, uplift and inspire. With a core intention of nurturing a positive alternative, the invitation is open to everyone to join and participate. This dynamic day of programming will embody the true meaning of inaugurate — to initiate, launch, begin. Creative expression and exchange will span the forms of art, music, dance, meditation and more. Together we will recalibrate the spirit of our rich and robust country and manifest an alternate reality.

EVENT | Inaugurate Love: Dreaming Our Nation United

WHAT | A citizen-wide gathering to unite, uplift and inspire 

WHEN | Friday, January 20th, 2017 - 11am Doors Open

WHERE | United Palace - NYC, 4140 Broadway at 175th Street and Livestream

HOW | Mass meditation, indigenous ceremonies, sound healing, drumming circles, spoken word, short-play readings, poetry, dance and movement, live art, vocalists and instrumentalists, plus special guests

The event is FREE but registration is requested below. Donations in support of Planned Parenthood are appreciated.



Programming 11AM - 3PM: 

- Sound bath experience led by Sara Auster, certified Sound Therapy Practitioner and meditation teacher

- Welcome and intention setting led by Xavier Eikerenkoetter, President of United Palace and Spiritual Director of United Palace House of Inspiration with Oscar, Emmy and Tony award-winning actress, Ellen Burstyn

- Blessing by Rabbi Gale of Hebrew Tabernacle

- Four Directions ceremony led by Irka Mateo, Central American indigenous musician

- Group meditation led by Xavier Eikerenkoetter

- Drumming circle led by Xavier Eikerenkoetter with Harambee Dance Company, UPHI Drum Council and UPCA Youth Drum Ensemble

- Storytelling and flute performance by Frank Menusan, Creek Indian storyteller

- Rumi poetry readings with Ellen Burstyn and Iraj Anvar, Persian writer and actor

- Schubert's Ave Maria performance by Hannah Dahm and Racqui Borromeo

- Guided movement led by Emily Devine, interactive movement leader

- Special performance by United Palace Band and Ensemble Choir


Programming 4PM - 9PM: 

- Tahitian dancing by Ori Manea

- Musical performance by Coyote Love

- Jazz performance by Tobias Gebb Trio featuring Ron Blake, Saturday Night Live saxophonist

- Urban poetry reading by Craig “Mums” Grant - Musical performance by Anwar Robinson of American Idol with the United Palace Band and Ensemble Choir

- Musical performance by Vienna D’Amato Hall

- Drumming performance with Xavier Eikerenkoetter, Harambee Dance Company, UPHI Drum Council and UPCA Youth Drum Ensemble

- Reading by Florencia Lozano and Craig Braun

- Musical performance by Gabriel Royal

- Live art unveiling by multi-faceted artist, Layercake

- Spoken word by Stephen Adly Guirgus

- Musical performance by Leah Siegel of Leisure Cruise

- Reading by Ellen Burstyn

- Musical performance by “Mad World” artist, Gary Jules

- Group Finale


Please know inclusivity sits at the heart of our intention and message for this day. We are one people with many gifts and talents. Join us for this declaration of the human spirit.


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