United Palace

Spaces & Specs

The landmarked United Palace opened in 1930 as a vaudeville house and deluxe movie theater. Today it is a transformational venue that fuses spirituality, art, culture and entertainment under one roof. The magnificent theater seats audiences of up to 3,327 for large-scale events.

To book a space at the United Palace, please click here. For production & tech information, click here.
For more information, contact Mike Fitelson at 212-568-1157 or mikef@unitedpalace.org.


Right Seating

Right side of the House

The House

View of the House from the Stage

Left Seating

Left Side of the House

The Stage

View of the Stage from the Orchestra Level

The Grand Foyer

The Grand Foyer is suitable for private events


The Mezzanine is suitable for private events

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Layouts and Dimensions

Seating Chart


The Grand Foyer


1st Floor Annex

2nd Floor Annex

Dressing Rooms (Basement)

General Operating Procedures

The United Palace is a landmark 88-year-old theater. Its magnificent features are delicate and must be treated with the utmost care. In order to maintain this historic space and best prepare for your event, there are some procedures that must be followed at all times. Click here to learn more. 

Theatre Specifications

The following are the specifications of the Theatre up to date (Fall 2019).

✔ Regular Balcony Seats: 1,475
ADA Balcony Seats: 4
✔Regular Orchestra Seats: 1,800
✔ADA Orchestra Seats:28
✔Maximum Day of Show Orchestra Seats: 51
✔Maximum Seats for Sale: 3,330
✔Maximum House Seats (not for sale): 33
✔ The stage door and loading dock are located on 176th Street between Broadway & Wadsworth Avenue.
✔ Loading door dimensions: 11’ H x 7’ – 11″ W – unload directly onto stage.
✔ The loading area and entrance to stage is flush with the street.
✔ Additional load-in areas available on Wadsworth Avenue near 175th Street.
Stage surface is an Arboron laminate on quadruple plywood laid over concrete, NOT Sprung.
✔ Proscenium opening: 51’
✔ Proscenium Height: 29’ – 3”
✔ Stage Depth: 29’
✔ Smoke Pocket Depth: 6-3/4”
✔ Stage Wings: 30’ x 18’ each side
✔ Stage Width/Centerline to St. Wall: 47’
✔ Stage Width/Centerline to SR lockrail: 40’-11”
✔ Orchestra Pit Opening: 14’- 2” from Apron Rail
✔ Orchestra Pit Width (Usable): 39’- 4”
✔ Pit Center Lift: 9’- 9” Wide x 6’- 6” Deep
✔Stage Orchestra pit 14’ x 49’ screw (worm) drive

✔Double-purchase counterweight system

✔Working height to grid is 65’

✔The capacity is 850 pounds per pipe

*See Lineset Schedule for details

✔ Front of House: 3 trusses on 1-ton motors
✔ Backstage: typical theater steel channel grid, approx. 65’ from stage:
✔ 3 lines of 1-ton motors: 4 upstage, 2 midstage, 2 downstage, just upstage of fire curtain
*See Rigging Plot for details
✔ 3 Phase 208 V, 200 AMP panel upstage left
✔ 2x 3 Phase 400 AMP, 5 wire camlock, DSL and DSR
✔ Main Traveler: 2 red curtains 30 x 35
✔ Side Tab Curtains: 2 black 30 x 35, downstage to upstage
✔ Main Border Valance: 1 red 62 x 8
✔ Back drop: 1 black Flat Upstage 64 x 30
✔ Upper Midstage Drop: 1 red 64 x 35
✔ Upper Midstage Drop: 1 gold 64 x 40
✔ Legs: 3 sets black
✔ Fire Curtain: 1 Brown 70 x 40

✔ L’Acoustics K2 System
✔ (20) 3-way full-range active WST enclosure
✔ (6) K1 System Subwoofer, 2 x 15”
✔ (4) X8 High SPL front fills
✔ (8) High Power Subwoofer 2 x 18”


✔  Yamaha CL5 Digital 48khz Mixing Console – 24 faders + 2 Master faders. 64 mono + 8 stereo mixable channels.
✔ Christie CP4230 4K DLP D – Cinema Projector
✔ 3 JBL 5742 4 Way Speaker System (comprised of double bass cabinet 5749 LF Speakers)
✔ 3 4675C HFA High-Power High-Frequency (balcony coverage)
✔ 4 JBL 5628 Dual 18” Subwoofers Powered by CROWN DCi N Amplification
✔ Harkness matte white cinema, perforated screen 52’7” x 29’6” (16:9 ratio)
✔ Da-Lite 92149 Heavy-Duty Fast-Fold Deluxe Screen System 108 x 192” (16:9 ratio)
✔ 26 JBL 9350 Surround Speakers (Orchestra Level)
✔ 20 JBL 9350 Surround Speakers (Balcony Level)
✔ 6 Crown DCi 8 I 600N Amps (Surround for Both Levels)
✔ The dressing rooms are one floor below the stage, accessible from both stage left and right.
✔ There is one large multi-purpose Green Room with floor to ceiling mirror and ballet barre.
✔ There are 4 individual dressing rooms, each furnished with chairs and a mirror.
✔ There is one medium sized dressing room with two full bathrooms with showers, suitable for a small band.
✔ There are two fully furnished, luxury dressing rooms, each with its own bathroom and shower.