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Thinkonomics Publications

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Control Your Life Series
Sample "If You Don't Control Your Thoughts and Your Emotions - Who Does?" Tell Your THOUGHTS Wh..
Enemy Fixer: How to Stop Enemies and Opposition
Sample Eliminate Enemies and All Opposition From Your Life! Imagine how wonderful your life wou..
Forgiveness Series: How to STOP Negative Things
Sample "Everything Which You Do Not Forgive Yourself or Another For, Will be Repeated in Your Ex..
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Get Your BUT Out of the Way
Sample What you say, is what you get! So if you ever catch yourself saying I would like to be '..
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Gift of Money
Sample Rev. Ike gives YOU – the Gift of MONEY ... ... in his powerful, mind-blowing, eye-o..
How to Get Out and Stay Out of the HELL of Poverty, Sickness & Suffering
Sample Now, two of Rev. Ike's most profound, most powerful life-changing lessons are availab..
How to Make People LOVE to Do Exactly What You Want!
Sample 1 Sample 2 Using real-life examples – Rev. Ike teaches you how to apply the secre..
How to Prosper Regardless of World Conditions
Sample 1 Sample 2 Warning: If you dont like health, happiness, love, success, and money, don't..
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The Excitement of Money
Sample 1 This may shock you – but YOU are the one who measures out the blessings of God in ..
The Master of Money
Sample 1 Sample 2 Would you say no to having more money? Of course not! But without knowing it, ..
The Power of a Made Up Mind
Sample Learn How to Use Your God-given Power to Make Up and Create in Your Mind Whatever Good Yo..
Your Power of Fascination
Sample Rev. Ike teaches you how to make your mind an IRRESISTIBLE MAGNET, to draw all the good th..
Your Power of Visualization
Sample Visualization is defined as seeing and feeling yourself IN YOUR OWN MIND, in your imaginat..
How to Answer Your Own Prayers
    Sample Rev. Ike Reveals the Techniques for Getting Your Prayers Answered! “..
How to Beat Being Broke
    Have a Front Row Seat at Rev. Ike's Famous Seminar – In Your Own Living room..