Sunday Service: The Power of Courageous Authenticity

October 21, 2018 | 12pm
Will the real you please stand up?


On Sunday, October 21st, Rev. Arda Itez and multi disciplinary artist Gaura Vani will explore courageous authenticity through one of the most ancient and influential epics in Hindu mythology and world literature, The Ramayana. Discover the story held in such reverence that merely reading or hearing of it is believed by some to free them from sin and bless the reader or listener.

Join them at United Palace or on Livestream for a sacred gathering to nourish the soul and inspire, invoke and celebrate your true, Divine self.

Musical Guest


World-renowned kirtan artist, Gaura Vani joins us to share his love of sacred mantra music! Gaura Vani’s pure love of music is a true gift straight from the heart. The sweet sound-vibrations will permeate the layers of your being and open your heart.

Gaura Vani was given the gift of devotional song from birth, raised with the music of the temple, taught to sing and play beautiful instruments, and dance for love and for God. He is most known for his Mantra Music performances. Gaura Vani's events are unifying and transporting - a mix of participatory rhythm and song, story and dance. He has traveled in Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia performing both as a solo artist and with his sacred music ensembles “The Hanumen” and “Juggernauts.” Gaura Vani is also a co-founder of Chant4Change, a mantra-music festival that takes place in Washington, DC on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Event Details

Start date: October 21, 2018

Start time: 12:00 p.m.

Venue: United Palace, 4140 Broadway, New York, NY 10033