Open Heart Conversations: ISLAM


United Palace, 4140 Broadway, NYC & LIVESTREAM
October 28, 3:00pm | FREE but RSVP



In this Open Heart Conversation, Dr. Khadijah Matin will share her inspirational story as an African American Muslim woman and how her faith has affected her life. We’ll discuss the Islamic perspective on social and environmental issues and how drawing from its teachings can inspire and transform communities. Dr. Matin will dispel myths and share little known facts that illustrate the commonality between all spiritual traditions and the human experience.

She’ll address common questions, including:

  • What are the basic tenets of Islam/ the five major pillars?
  • Who was Mohammed?
  • What are the similarities between all the Abrahamic faiths?
  • Why do women wear hijabs or burqas? Is it a requirement for Muslims?
  • What does “jihad” mean?
  • How do you practice your faith on a day to day basis?

Join us for an insightful and experiential afternoon to explore and demystify Islam and unearth the numerous gifts and contributions brought forth into the world by the Muslim community

dr. khadijah matin


Dr. Khadijah Matin, known by some as the woman who walks through walls, is a spiritual leader and counselor in New York’s Muslim and interfaith communities.

She has established a solid record of commitment to education and faith-based organizations, serving in multiple leadership and organization development roles as training manager, national board member and on-going consultant.

She is a member of the Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society, the Association of Muslim Chaplains and in recognition of her works in intercultural dialogue and civic engagement, was appointed an Ariane de Rothschild Fellow.

Khadijah has an MS in Education from Fordham University, was ordained an Interfaith Minister in 2006 and received a Certificate in Interspiritual Counseling in 2010, both from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, where she currently serves as an Adjunct Dean. She earned her Doctorate of Ministry from New York Theological Seminary in 2012.

Khadijah is currently working on a book with her son that is a follow up to his first book, “Green Dean: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet.” In this second book, they explore how to live a green deen – how awareness as stewards of the Earth shows up in various relationships. The book will include interacting through the 99 Names of Allah through an interfaith/interspiritual approach and ultimately, what is individually explored can be accessed through the material, whatever your religion or spiritual path.

You are cordially invited to join us for Open Heart Conversations, a place to meet, discover and learn about different faith and wisdom traditions. Together we’ll explore and celebrate our rich and beautiful diversity through Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Native American, African Spirituality and more. Experienced teachers and respected leaders will share their teachings, helping to foster dialogue, understanding and human connection. Hosted by Rev. Dr. José M. Román and Rev. Arda Itez, Open Heart Conversations are free, open to the public and welcome to all. Learn more here.


Event Details

Start date: October 28, 2018

Start time: 03:00 p.m.

Phone: 212-568-6700