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Journey of My Dance – Gaurav Ajmera

Gaurav Ajmera invites you to embark on a devotional and musical interlude; as he performs his Arangetram – debut of his formal initiation, a graduation from learning Classical Indian Dance – BHARATNATYAM. This devotional dance form intricately concentrates the body, soul and spirit into a spiritual renaissance of self through their own journey of balance, posture, mudras (forms) and bhavas (feelings). The dance form has its origin in Indian mythology and through history is believed to be the dance form to show devotion to Lords. Over time, the dance form has lost its popularity in male pupils. In this 21st century, Kumar Gaurav Ajmera has focused on learning this dance form; to preserve our heritage and to carry the traditions to future of our existence. Gaurav invites you in traditional repertoire to seek your blessings and declare his arrival on the stage of dance.

Special Attractions

Auspicious and Extravagant Birth Celebration of "Tirthankar"-Lord

Event Details

Start date: September 01, 2018

Start time: 02:30 p.m.

Venue: United Palace, 4140 Broadway, NYC