United Palace

Angelfish – Red Carpet Premiere

Thursday, November 14
nDoors Open: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm


The United Palace hosts the World Premiere of the Bronx based romantic drama: Angelfish, starring Destiny Frasqueri (a.k.a. Princess Nokia) in her acting debut and rising star Jimi Stanton (Netflix’s Punisher).
nThis red carpet premiere will be followed by a Q&A with the stars of the movie, and each ticket includes free entry* to the after party hosted by New York creative collective NowWhat??, and will feature very special musical guests not to be missed!
n* Entry to after party will be limited to first-come-first-served, based on the capacity of the venue.
nFilm Synopsis
nSummer in the Bronx, 1993. Brendan is a troubled but hard-working high school drop-out with a manipulative mother and a brother on the verge of self-destruction. Eva is a bright, young woman about to start college in the fall, but with the pressure to make her family proud clashing with her own secret hopes and dreams for the future.
nSparks fly when the two meet, and their respective worlds collide. As the young couple’s relationship develops, their home lives and dreams for the future threaten to tear their new and fragile love apart.
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