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Blessings, UPHI, this is your Spiritual Traveler on a Rocky Sea Day


As we look out over the vast Mediterranean Sea, I invite you to join me in a few minutes of contemplation.


There are times in life when the seas look perilous; when the medium we float in or exist upon seems ready to overturn us. The churning issues of personal life and turbulence in the world can feel overwhelming, as if they are going to overtake us.

Tempestuous winds may toss and threaten to dash us over the looming rocks. Terrorists, domestic shootings and other tragic circumstances we witness affect us even if we are not directly involved. Yes, we feel compassion for those who have been grievously harmed and killed and the world seems like a scary place. It is important to face fear and allow it to help us affirm the value of what we hold most dear.

That is why we are afraid: because we are threatened by the potential loss of what we love. Yet, those who seek to harm others and sometimes themselves in the process only serve to reaffirm the dignity and importance of human life, which ironically is what they are looking to find for themselves on a deep level through violent means. So their actions are antithetical to their own soul’s desire. That is also part of the tragedy of blind, destructive ego-serving terrorism.

Nonetheless, every time a terrorist attacks someone they actually memorialize human soul and human dignity, and the rest of us who are not driven to the point of destruction by our shadows and negative egos respond with such soulful dignity and compassion. Terrorists cannot win because their attacks ultimately reinforce a purpose counter to that which they intend.

Therefore, in the face of roiling internal confusion and international conflict we can find a still place and know that we are on a safe vessel. If we keep our minds stayed predominantly upon the truth, hold the preponderance our hearts focus within the space of love, a certain knowing can emerge: That all of the expertise in the creation of our vessels — the consciousness that contains our lives — as well as the elements we exist in have all been engineered and brought to bear for our benefit by the Divine Mind itself. Hence, we are not in peril of sinking.

Not only is our vessel equipped with the brilliant and extremely competent team of “professionals” who love us, many of them unseen (Higher Self, Soul, Spirit, Guardian Angels, et al.), who were born for their jobs and have gone through extensive training and earned the post, the responsibility of caring for us and looking after us. And if we work with them and allow them to do what they are meant to do in fulfilling their destinies, we will surely succeed as well.

So we can let go and go with the flow. There is no sinking the soul or destroying the spirit; that is impossible. For no matter how much the wind blows, the waters churn and rocks loom, the sun will always reappear at the appointed hour; and instead of enemies, atmospheric conditions become our friends. We realize the chaos was something to pass through on the way to a different place as part of positive change. Let us claim the dominion with the elements of our lives. Let us maintain ourselves in league with the Eternal that is our origin and destiny.

The Spiritual Traveler


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