Seating Capacity 

Orchestra       1,877
Lower Loge       259
Upper Loge       688
Balcony             528 
TOTAL             3,352

Stage Door and Loading Dock

The stage door and loading dock is located on 176th Street between Broadway and Wadsworth Avenue
Loading door dimensions: 11' H x 8' W - unload directly onto stage
The loading area and entrance to stage is flush with the street
Additional load-in areas available on Wadsworth Avenue. Door dimensions: left door 6' 10" H x 5' 4" W, Right door 6' 10" H x 5' 9" W



Proscenium opening: 51' - 7" 
Proscenium Height: 29' - 3" 
Performance Area: 25' x 65' 
Stage Depth: 29'- 6" 
Smoke Pocket Depth: 6-3/4" 
Stage Wings: 30' x 18' each side 
Floor: wood floor painted black
Stage Width/Centerline to St. Wall: 45'-0"
Stage Width/Centerline to SR lockrail: 40'-11"
Orchestra Pit Opening: 14'- 2" from Apron Rail
Orchestra Pit Width (Usable): 39'- 4"
Pit Center Lift: 9'- 9" Wide x 6'- 3" Deep
Stage Orchestra pit 15' x 55' screw (worm) drive


Fly System

Not currently available. Must bring own truss and motors to fly equipment over stage.



Front of House: 4 hanging points available approx. 25' from stage, 90' span, 4 hanging points over Orchestra Pit 40' span

Back Stage: steel channel grid, approx. 75' from stage, catwalk



Electricity – 3 Phase 207 V on back stage wall, dedicated 2x-200 AMP, and on wings 2x-400 Amp.



Front of House: 1 Allen Heath GL2400 32x4x2x1 Analog mixer, 4 DBX 2231 Stereo Equalizer w/type 3 Dolby & limiter, 1 DBX 1046 Quad/4 channel compressor limiter, 1 Alesi MidiVerb4 Effects Processor, 1 Furman PL Plus Power conditioner, 2 Yorkville Elite LS 1004 Passive subs, 2 D.A.S. Compact two powered full range speakers, 2 JBL MRX-500 full range speakers
Microphones: 4 Shure PGXD44 digital wireless headset mic kits, 2 Shure PGX4/Bets wireless handheld kits, 4 Shure KSM-137 condenser microphones, 2 Rode NT1-A condenser microphones, 3 Shure SM-58's, 2 Shure SM-57's, 1 Sennheiser e-604 snare drum mic, 1 Samson Q-Drum mic kit

For a complete list please call the Booking Department at 212-568-1157

Soft Goods (All fireproof)

Main Traveler 2- Gold curtains 30x35, Tab Curtain 2- Gold 30x 35, Main valance 1- beige 70x14, back drop 2-red 70x35; Movie Screen 1- white canvas 70x35, Legs 2-gold 28x9, Fire Curtain 1-Brown 70x40 For a complete list call the Booking Department (212) 568-1157


Dressing Room

The dressing rooms are one floor below the stage, accessible from both stage left and right.


There is one large multi-purpose room with floor to ceiling mirror and ballet barre.

There are 5 individual dressing rooms, each furnished with chairs and a mirror.

There is one medium sized dressing room with two full bathrooms with showers, suitable for a small band.

There is a make up room with lighted mirrors and a bathroom.

There are two fully furnished, luxary dressing rooms each with its own bathroom and shower.


Additional Spaces

Meeting and party spaces as well as classrooms are available upon request for an additional fee.



United Palace Theatre does not provide stage hands. We are a non-union house.



Driving in from New Jersey take the George Washington Bridge and exit at 178th Street. Drive to Broadway and make a right. By subway take the "A" Train to 175th Street and walk one block east to Broadway.



Parking is available across the street from the theatre on Broadway; two large indoor lots are located between 176th and 177th Streets on Broadway. In addition, there are four additional parking garages in a six block radius.