We've been talking about "The Hip Hop Nutcracker" for over a year, even did a mini workshop of it in December 2013. But some folks still don't quite get what we mean when we say we are mashing up Tchaikovsky's music with hip hop dance.

This video gives you a pretty good idea of where we are heading. It's the emotion and joy of the music combined with the power and style of the dance. The two art forms - classical music and hip hop dance - marry perfectly, something that co-creator Jennifer Weber has been doing with Decadancetheatre Company for several years.

Today we auditioned 50 supremely talented dancers for the 10 available roles. The dancers - an all-star selection of the city's finest - were all terrific. It's going to be painful choosing just 10.

This clip is from a group trying out for the ensemble, mixing freestyle and choreographed movements. In the background you can hear the other dancers waiting their turn to audition cheering this group on. Throughout the day dancers hummed passages of the music backstage and in the dressing rooms. The music is so contagious.

After working on this dream for over a year it's incredible to catch a glimpse of the vision materializing.

Learn more about "The Hip Hop Nutcracker" at http://unitedpalace.org/hip-hop-nutcracker.