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All-inclusive, Non-denominational Spiritual Community

Agape Association of Communities


UPHI is honored to be a part of the Association of Communities formed by the Agape International Spiritual Center. Together, we share a belief in universal principles and are committed to evolving this consciousness worldwide.

From Agape about the Association:

“How can we shed light on humanity’s potential to evolve into a new way of relating that gives rise to an individual and collective realization of our interconnectedness and purpose of existence?” This was, for us, the question that birthed the possibility of creating a gathering of communities that would go much farther and deeper than organizational brand name loyalty, marketing campaigns, or increasing the dissemination of our respective teachings. In other words, to allow each associate member to maintain the uniqueness of their individual vision and mission yet collaborate with other communities to benefit from their respective explorations, discoveries, and successes.

The beauty of our visioning and dialoguing was how it led to the realization that no one spiritual path or practice has the final answer to life’s divine mysteries, that humanity’s limitless possibilities transcend any one point of view. Coming together as an association of spiritual aspirants has the potential to illuminate new horizons for us all, eliminating competition and encouraging collaboration as an association of shared values and vision.

When a movement gathers power, there is a grace-filled energy which causes its vision and mission to flourish. In his book, Where Good Ideas Come From, author Steven Johnson writes, “When one looks at innovation in nature and in culture, environments that build walls around good ideas tend to be less innovative in the long run than more open-ended environments.” Our intention is for the Agape Association of Communities to be an open-ended environment of inclusivity, creativity, innovation, and evolutionary progress.


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