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[Past Service] 9/21/14 ~ Beauty and Divinity: Reflections on Ancient Greece

Beauty and Divinity: Reflections on Ancient Greece

I have a lot to share upon returning from our pilgrimage in Greece: of Gods, Goddesses, spiritual society, and human aspiration expressed through arts, culture, and politics. The bottom line of it all is the challenge of human existence in attuning to, bringing in, embodying, and expressing the numinous in our individual selves, living of our lives, expression of our work, connection in our communities, and perception of our world.

The ancient Greeks lived and moved with a sense of relatedness to the divine and attempted to reflect the beauty of those realms in their earthly existence. They left remnants in the form of temples, theatres and arenas; poetry, music, and plays; and political and societal structures that have informed and formed the basis of our western world.

So please join myself, Xavier Eikerenkoetter, and the UPHI Community on Sunday, September 21st at 12:00noon EST at the United Palace House of Inspiration in NYC or live on the Internet (Click Here) as we explore some of these elements together in our endeavor to create a new world out of the old.