Past Services

[Past Service] 11/13/16 ~ Post-Election Reflections: Open Dialogue



HandsWhichever side of the election you were on, whether you are shocked and displeased by the outcome or happy for the result, there has been division and consternation on both sides reflected by the ugliness and insensitivity in this 2016 presidential election cycle. So, how do we move forward to create more unity in our communities and as a country?

This division needs to turn into an open conversation for everyone. Not a continuation of the political debate or one where both sides rant at each other; but a conversation where the fears and concerns of all people can be discussed and acknowledged openly without judgment. To that end, we are shifting this Sunday’s service into an open dialogue on Post-Election Reflections.

In preparation for this conversation, we welcome you to consider your deepest thoughts and feelings regarding the election build-up and outcome. Meditate upon how we can move forward to become a more united country, whether you are happy or unhappy about the election results. And then come together to share your heart in spiritual community with us.

Some thoughts to consider:

  • If the election went in my favor am I going to gloat or reach out, be smug or sensitive?
  • If it didn’t go in my favor will I pout or reach out, despair or deepen?
  • How can we come to understand each other better?
  • Even if we don’t like each other, can we agree to live in peace?
  • How do I move forward with dignity?
  • Did I vilify my opposing candidate?
  • Did I negatively judge those who supported an opposing candidate?
  • How did fear play into this election?
  • Can I deepen my compassion through this experience?
  • Where is the Wonder in this national event and how does it reflect something of my interiority?
  • What is the American Experiment trying to accomplish on a meta-level?

Join us this Sunday, November 13th at 12:00pm EST for this interactive service either in person at 4140 Broadway in NYC or online as we stream the service live here. We will be using our streaming chat room and Facebook page (@UPHIPalace) to discuss with those who are unable to make it in person.


[Past Service] 11/6/16 ~ Living in Gratitude



8 23JBurns AOn Sunday, November 6th, at the United Palace House of Inspiration in NYC or streaming live online at 12:00noon EST, UPHI and Spiritual Director Xavier Eikerenkoetter welcomes Dr. Janine H. Burns as our guest speaker. Her lesson title is: “Reawaken Wonder: Living in Gratitude.”

Gratitude is defined as a feeling of appreciation and the quality of being thankful. Living In Gratitude is a powerful attitude and mindset that sees the good in all circumstances and conditions. It attracts and magnifies this good thus bringing forth the great potentialities of life. And, it carries us beyond the field of doubt into one of perfect faith and acceptance of the omnipresence of God’s good.

Dr. Burns is an Interfaith Minister and Director of the Guiding Light Foundation. She also hosts and specializes in celebration of life ceremonies.



[Past Service] 10/23/16 ~ Reawaken Wonder: Rediscover the Power of God-in-You



10 23 16SantiagoADid you know that the presence and power of God is within each being, within YOU? This presence is a direct connection with God on a spiritual, mental and physical level. When this connection is acknowledged and actualized, your life changes; your actions change, your thoughts change and even physical changes occur in your body.

UPHI is honored to welcome guest speaker Rev. James Santiago on Sunday, October 23rd at 12:00pm EST for a teaching titled "Reawaken Wonder: Rediscover the Power of God-in-You". Come experience this inspirational service in person at 4140 Broadway in NYC or streaming live online here as together we acknowledge the presence and power of God within us, sparking a Spiritual Reawakening and Rediscovering!

Rev. James Santiago grew up under the mentorship of Rev. Ike and remains dedicated to the principles of UPHI. He is a professor of Business Administration, Marketing Management and General Education in NYC.