Past Services

[Past Service] 6/19/16 ~ A Message of Love in the Wake of Tragedy



6 19 16OrlandoADuring this time of recent heartache in our country, our Sunday service on June 19 will be a message on “Healing the Ravages of Terrorism” to address the horrific shooting in Orlando and beyond. Join us as we send love, light, hope, compassion, healing and prayers to all. It is time for a revolution of LOVE!

Throughout this service, we'll have musical inspiration to invoke the beauty of human dignity followed by a guided meditation to help you heal anything that is broken or disconnected. Let us come together to heal one another and to love each other unconditionally. #OrlandoUnited

Service is on June 19 at 12:00pm EST at 4140 Broadway in NYC or on live stream here.

Following this service, Rev. Sandra Winter will be conducting a Sound Healing Circle at 2:00pm. Experience the wonderful effect that sound can have in making positive changes in your health, as well as in so many other areas of your life. This workshop is open to all. A love offering is appreciated.

[Past Service] 6/12/16 ~ Reclaiming the Power of the Indigenous



UPHI Intercultural Service

UPHI Intercultural Service: Reclaiming the Power of the Indigenous

6 12 16IkraA1We each have an indigenous heritage; roots that go deep into the primal origins of humanity and into the earth from which we all sprang. It is time we reconnect with these roots — with the land, the elements, the cosmos and all celestial bodies. Tap into that deep part of yourself this Sunday, June 12 at 12pm EST at 4140 Broadway in NYC or on live stream here during this special intercultural/interspiritual service with a guest presentation and Taino ritual by Irka Mateo.

Irka Mateo sings and writes “Mestizo Music” songs inspired by the Taino/Afro/ European folk traditions of her native Dominican Republic, the Caribbean and Latin America. Her love of the peasant population — bearers of the ancient culture — led her to travel ten years in the rural areas of the Dominican Republic uncovering and documenting over thirteen genres of folk music and Taino cultural traditions.

Her musical work includes “Vamo a Gozá,” the single of her new album that will release later this year, which was inspired by the exuberant accordion music of the Dominican countryside, and Anacaona, her previous solo album from 2009, which showcased the Brazilian music influences that she cultivated for over a decade, as well as the Caribbean bolero, Taino, and Dominican folk music.

Following service, Irka will also give a free concert at the United Palace at 7:00pm EST on June 12. Free with RSVP at


[Past Service] 6/5/16 ~ Celebrate our Founder, Rev. Ike!


Rev crowd3This coming Sunday, June 5 at 12:00pm EST, we're having our annual Founder's Day service that honors and pays tribute to Rev. Ike, founder of Rev. Ike Ministries now called the United Palace House of Inspiration. In order to move forward, we must look at where we came from! Join me this Sunday at 4140 Broadway in NYC or on live stream here as we celebrate the impact of our founder, Rev. Ike.

Special guest speakers include Rev. James Santiago, Rev. Dr. Ferman Perry, Jr., and Rev. Dr. James Wyns.