Past Services

[Past Service] 7/31/16 ~ Free to be Unapologetically Me


Guest speaker: Rev. Michael Turner Lewis

Sunday, July 31 at 12:00pm EST
4140 Broadway in NYC or on live stream

7 31 16LewisAIf you have been living an unproductive, uninteresting and a simply boring life, this lesson titled "Free to be Unapologetically Me" is expected to bring fresh new insight into the spiritual freedom you have in your life! Learn how to let go and become your true and higher self so that you can experience joy and excitement!

Michael Turner Lewis is the Founding Pastor/CEO of Rapha Evangelistic Worship Center, a faith based, non-profit organization located in Brooklyn, New York. Pastor Mike, as he is referred to, has a mission to promote prosperous consciousness and holistic healing. He has formed a partnership with public schools in the Bedford-Stuyvesant community in an effort to encourage men to be more involved in their children’s education. He collaborates with superintendents in the Department of Education on special workshops, such as: Anger Management, Teen Domestic Violence and Esteem Building. He was a member of the New York City Children’s Services’ Commissioner’s Clergy Advisory Board.






[Past Service] 7/24/16 ~ The Power to Create a New World Lives in You!


7 24 16TreeAThere’s an ancient story of the Divine feminine – the original energy – the goddess as she's often termed, and how she blew a bubble of consciousness filled with the breath of life, which manifested in various designs, including that of human beings. These human beings took many forms over the millennia until engineered into the modern human being.

Through a ritual and a song called “They Live In You” from Broadway’s The Lion King, I invite you to join me this Sunday, July 24 at 12:00pm EST as we celebrate the origin of all life and our origins in goodness, beauty and truth. During the ritual process, you’ll reflect on your ancestors, your spirit guardians, your unseen friends and of course, our ultimate ancestors – the God/Goddess who made All That Is. They live in you… they live in all of us, and by honoring our past, we can inspire the future.

Service is held at 4140 Broadway in NYC or on live stream here.






[Past Service] 7-17-16 ~ Reawaken Wonder with Rev. Dr. Jack Bomar



7 17 16BomarAThis coming up Sunday, July 17 at 12:00pm EST, join us as we continue to explore what it means to "Reawaken Wonder" with guest speak Rev. Dr. Jack Bomar. When you reawaken wonder, you nourish the light within you and you set your mind and spirit free. Embrace and bring your wonder to life this Sunday at 4140 Broadway in NYC or on live stream here.

Rev. Jack is the founder of Blessing Hands USA, Inc., a non-profit humanitarian organization established to revive, restructure and revitalize communities. He presently serves as Senior Minister at Unity Church of Hawai'i. Prior to relocating to Hawai'i, he served as Pastor at United Church of Jesus Christ for All People in Beaufort, South Carolina and at UPHI.