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[Past Event] 1/20/17 ~ Inaugurate LOVE




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On January 20th, cultural shapers will come together to invoke a citizen-wide gathering designed to unite, uplift and inspire. With a core intention of nurturing a positive alternative, the invitation is open to everyone to join and participate. This dynamic day of programming will embody the true meaning of inaugurate — to initiate, launch, begin. Creative expression and exchange will span the forms of art, music, dance, meditation and more. Together we will recalibrate the spirit of our rich and robust country and manifest an alternate reality.

EVENT | Inaugurate Love: Dreaming Our Nation United

WHAT | A citizen-wide gathering to unite, uplift and inspire 

WHEN | Friday, January 20th, 2017 - 11am Doors Open

WHERE | United Palace - NYC, 4140 Broadway at 175th Street and Livestream

HOW | Mass meditation, indigenous ceremonies, sound healing, drumming circles, spoken word, short-play readings, poetry, dance and movement, live art, vocalists and instrumentalists, plus special guests

The event is FREE but registration is requested below. Donations in support of Planned Parenthood are appreciated.


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[Past Event] 12/12/16 ~ The Big Quiet



On the evening of Monday, Dec. 12th, The Big Quiet is coming to the United Palace. Celebrating unity in a divided time, 3000 people will join together in a mass meditation and sound experience facilitated by a 10 person team, followed by string musicians, acoustic acts, the cosmic drum, a powerful choir and live DJs.

A simple technique will be shared for first-time meditators and courtesy tastes and drinks will be provided at the BQ Bazaar.

Monday, Dec. 12th

7:00pm‬ doors + BQ Bazaar
8:00pm‬ meditation + show
9:00pm‬ DJ + hang in the Grand Foyer




Eventbrite - The Big Quiet: A Mass Meditation at the United Palace



United Palace
4140 Broadway‬
New York, NY 10033‬



We believe in the power of bringing people together in ways that blend culture with well-being, deepen human connection and generate more inclusivity in our world. Join us on this mission!

This Big Quiet is in collaboration with Leesa in support of their initiative to bring better sleep to all humans - including at risk men, women and children.

Look out for #thebigquiet live event coverage from our media partner mindbodygreen -- follow along @mindbodygreen on Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Until the 12th....







[Past Event] Honoring Rev. Mrs. Ike on Sunday, May 15

Join us this Sunday, May 15 at 12:00pm EST as we pay tribute to Rev. Mrs. Ike for her outstanding contributions to United Palace, Rev. Ike Legacy Ministries, the Washington Heights community and beyond! Service is held at 4140 Broadway in NYC or on live stream here.

Our keynote speaker is Rev. Dr. Sheila McKeithen, President of The Universal Foundation for Better Living and Spiritual Leader of The Universal Centre of Truth for Better Living in Kingston, Jamaica. Rev. Dr. Sheila will be speaking on "4 Powerful Truths for Ever Changing Times". Join us and learn not only how you can get through the appearance of 'rough times', but how you can be better because of them!


Celebration for Rev. Mrs. Ike on May 15, 2016