Blade Runner (2007) & The Future of Play

The Wonder of Science Fiction
Blade Runner (2007) & The Future of Play
Sunday, April 2, 2017
4pm doors, 4:30pm pre-show presentation on The Future of Play, 5pm movie, 7pm panel discussion about the movie
Adults: $10 online/$15 at the door
Children under 12 & Seniors: $5 online/$10 at the door.
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We are slipping in one of the last theatrical screenings of the “original” before it is blacked out of theatres leading up to the long-awaited sequel “Blade Runner 2049” released in October. In honor of the movie’s vision of toy making in the year 2019 (remember the character of J.F. Sebastian played by William Sanderson?) before the movie Richard Gottlieb, publisher of "Global Toy News," will discuss the future of play. Afterwards a panel of experts, Alex Horwitz, Michael Bridenstine, and Adam Peterson, will explore the lasting magic of the movie.

Based on a Philip K. Dick novel, it is the year 2019 and ex-detective Rick Deckard is called out of retirement to track down and eliminate a team of humanoid androids that have escaped from an outer space mining colony and taken refuge on Earth. During his search for the fugitives, he discovers some disturbing secrets about the future plans of the androids' manufacturer, the Tyrell Corporation, and the line between human and android is disturbingly blurred.

Starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, and Edward James Olmos. Directed by Ridley Scott. Originally released in 1982, we will screen 2007’s “The Final Cut” version. 1 hour, 57 minutes. Screened in English on DCP.

About Richard Gottlieb
Richard Gottlieb is an internationally known consultant, speaker, and commentator on the business of play. As a visionary who foresaw the convergence of entertainment and play into one industry, he is highly valued for his ability to visualize how to survive and thrive in the 21st century play economy. Richard, who holds an MBA in Global Management, is CEO of Global Toy Experts, a global consultancy, and publisher of “Global Toy News,” the industry resource for toy news, toy trends, and analysis of the business of play. Richard’s “Toy and Play Futurist Letter” is a must read for those interested in where play is going. Richard is frequently interviewed by media worldwide, and has been called on by BBC, ABC News, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Newsweek and other media outlets.
Learn more about Richard at www. and

About Alex Horwitz
Alex Horwitz is a director, writer, editor, and producer with experience on films large and small. He directed and produced “Hamilton’s America,” the feature documentary that explores America’s founding while following Lin-Manuel Miranda through the creation of his pop culture sensation, “Hamilton.” His earlier work, “Alice Jacobs is Dead,” won Best Horror Film at the San Diego Comic-Con before garnering awards all over the festival circuit. Alex edited and directed second unit on “The Legend of Hallowdega,” a short by renowned filmmaker Terry Gilliam. He also cut the acclaimed feature documentary “Whitey” for Academy Award-nominated documentarian Joe Berlinger. He graduated from Wesleyan University, after which he worked as an assistant for director Julie Taymor before learning the ropes of film production with jobs on the “Spider-Man” and “Bourne” franchises, as well as Martin Scorsese’s “Shine a Light.” The first movie date he had with his wife was to see “Blade Runner: The Final Cut.”
See the trailer for “Hamilton’s America” here.

About Michael Bridenstine
Michael Bridenstine is a writer, producer, and director who has created broadcast television, feature documentaries, national commercial campaigns, original web series, scripted comedy pilots, live multi-camera shoots, branded content, and even a $100,000 birthday video. In addition, he's been working with comedy for over 35 years, since freshman year in high school when he wrote his class's annual sketch for the full student body and poked fun at the Athletic Director's lisp and star basketball player's IQ. For this, he received a standing ovation and a double detention from the all boys catholic school disciplinarian. He proudly hosted NYU's only live comedy talk show while at film school, interviewing stars from “Saturday Night Live,” etc. He's done hundreds of improvisational comedy shows in the NYC area, and his self-published collection of comic essays proudly collects dust on the shelves of friend's bookcases all across America. His beautiful wife and sons have not yet seen “Blade Runner,” so they don't laugh when he drops origami penguins in front of their bedroom door.

About Adam Peterson
Adam Peterson has seen things you people wouldn’t believe. He’s also seen this movie MANY times thanks to HBO's limited programming schedule in his youth. As for his questionable life choices, so far he’s done time as an opera singer, actor, parent to children best described as “colorful,” and now as a science and technology writer. He’s happy to tell you more than once that the government records are unsealed. He enjoys spirited debates, emotionless voice-overs, and attack-ships off the shoulder of Orion.

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